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Gregor Pestsov

Professional experience

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  • 12.2019 – today | GPKO Engineering as Technical Project Manager / Mechanical Engineer
    • R&D support and consulting for customers on a freelance basis
    • Management of engineering office in Frankfurt am Main
  • 11.2017 – 11.2019 | Destaco Europe GmbH as Application Engineer
    • R&D and Project management for Application and New Product development,
      collaboration with quality department and material management teams. Redesign of products
    • Pneumatic sheet metal grippers, also for hot forming with blank detection, pin clamps, power clamps, pin packages, End of Line testing device
    • Drawings, 3D models, FEA with Solidworks, PDM, ERP Oracle; FMEA moderation, working with Stage-Gate process (incl. NPR, ECN, cost analysis),
      seal calculation, tolerance analysis, dimensioning of parts, macro creation with VBA. German and English for communication and documentation. Work with Aluminum
    • Clamping technology, automation in automotive industry, pneumatics. Serial production
  • 05.2017 – 10.2017 | Sturm Maschinen- & Anlagenbau as Design engineer
    • Development and construction of conveyor technology, EMS
    • Electric monorail conveyor as load-carrying equipment, Trolley with castors
    • Drawings, 3D models, welded assemblies, sheet metal constructions, FEM Solidworks, ERP eEvolution, AutoCad Layout
    • Conveying technology in automotive industry, plant engineering
  • 10.2015 – 12.2016 | AO NIIRPI as Design engineer
    • Research and development of new products
    • Injection mold for a rubber buffer and other metal-rubber assemblies. Perforating machine and production aids, participation in the development of an industry standard
    • Drawings, 3D models, FEA using Solidworks
    • Injection molding, plastics technology, special machine construction, defense
  • 02.2015 – ongoing | Upwork (freelance) as Design engineer
    • Development and design engineering for customers from US and UK
    • Coffee machine parts, plastic housing and solar power charger complete, animations of mechanisms, visualization
    • Drawings, 3D models, surfaces, animation in Solidworks, rendering in Keyshot. English for communication and documentation
    • Consumer goods and household technology, 3D printing, plastics technology
  • 06.2014 – 04.2015 | CF MOTO as Design engineer
    • New product development based on an existing product
    • Engine integration, arrangement, exhaust-system measurement, engine mounting development
    • Design, FEA Analysys in Solidworks, work with circuit diagrams and electrical systems. Work with 3D measuring machine. Brainstorming. English for communication and documentation
    • Reverse engineering in automotive sector, engine accessories development
  • 11.2013 – 03.2014 | Laura - armored vehicles as Engineer
    • Preparation of technical documentation for participation in a public tender. Successful completion of the project
    • Non-visible grenade proof armouring of a passenger car
    • Drawings, 3D models, exploded views in Solidworks, technical illustrations in Solidworks- Composer. Work with 3D laser scanning for arrangement
    • Automotive, project work
  • 10.2012 – 11.2013 | OOO New Technologies als Design engineer
    • Development and design of equipment for boiler houses
    • New product design of ejectors, deaerators, a separator, application of an shell and tube heat exchanger
    • Design documentation, assembly plans, process flow charts and operating instructions in Kompas 3D CAD, calculation of wall thickness and hydraulic processes
    • Pressure vessels and apparatus engineering from 1.6 to 200 bar, piping, valves


    09.2007 – 09.2012 Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
    Faculty of Energy Mechanical Engineering, Graduate engineer, Course of studies: Car and tractor construction

School education

  • 08.1998 – 07.2001 Primary school Gatersleben, Germany
  • 08.2001 – 07.2002 Secondary School Nachterstedt Nachterstedt, Germany
  • 09.2002 – 06.2003 Middle school № 6 Pervouralsk, Russia
  • 08.2003 – 07.2004 City Gymnasium Köln-Nippes, Germany
  • 09.2004 – 06.2007 Middle school № 521, St.Petersburg, Russia



    Mechanical engineering, automation technology, materials-handling technology, automotive engineering,
    mould construction, apparatus engineering, consumer goods, gear manufacturing, engine construction


    Steel, aluminum, brass, other metals, plastic (also rubber, PA, PTFE, silicone) and others

    Making of:

    3D parts incl. Surfaces, assemblies, drawings, parts lists, sketches and technical illustrations according to European standards and machine directives

    IT Skills:

    3D/CAD: Solidworks (CSWE), AutoCad, Keyshot, Kompas 3D, Solidworks PDM
    Export, import of the models
    Microsoft Office, OpenOffice,
    OS MS Windows, Linux, Java-Basic knowledge, Basic knowledge Solidworks-Macro


    Russian (native)
    German (fluent)
    English (advanced)

    Experience with coordinate measuring machine, angle grinder, electric trolley, hydraulic press, and other handicraft Skills


    01.2020 Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE) C-2UKMR3VNP4
    08.2015 Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) C-HZW8EP6Y6H
    2018-2020 Certified SolidWorks Professional advanced tools C-JPHL6YZ29D, C-5ABDHEXVQN, C-ULRG8DNWC5, C-UH7MGC5STF

Ilya U.

Professional experience Ilya U.

  • 12.2019 – today GPKO Engineering as Engineer
    • R&D Support
  • 08.2017 – today G-Force Motorsport as Design engineer
    • Development of rally cars (including roll bars, plastic parts etc.)
    • Drawings, 3D models, assemblies FEM, rendering by Solidworks
  • 05.2017 – 10.2017 AWM Trade as Design engineer
    • Development and construction of rear suspension for snowmobiles
    • Drawings, 3D models in Solidworks
  • 04.2011 – 08.2015 Skarn as Design engineer
    • Development of off-road trucks (serial production)
    • drawings, 3D models, close cooperation with production


    09.2007 – 09.2012 Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
    Faculty of Energy Mechanical Engineering, Graduate engineer, Course of studies: Car and tractor construction



    mechanical engineering, automotive, gear manufacturing, engine construction

    Making of:

    3D parts, assemblies, drawings, parts lists, sketches, technical illustrations, rendering, tolerance analysis, FEM parts and assemblies

    IT Skills:

    3D/CAD-Systems: Solidworks (CSWP) inkl. SolidMotion und Simulation, AutoCad, Kompas 3D
    Microsoft Office, OpenOffice
    OS MS Windows


    Russian (native)
    English (advanced)

    About me:

  • Started driving a ATV at 13, started working as a locksmith in my father's workshop at 14.
  • Always interested in how what works
  • I'm not developing anything "on the fly."
  • Interesting untypical tasks preferred
  • I find myself with a lot of work. I plan, set priorities and deadlines. I can work independently on a large number of assignments and report on results
  • Flexible and ready to travel
  • Married, 1 child 1 year old
  • Hobby: motorcycle, climbing, hiking and water hiking

  • Certifications:

    12.2015 Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) C-ZE8MXNHCBB

Sergei S.

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