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The following projects were developed both on a freelance basis and as employees.
GPKO Engineering does not own the corresponding products (in terms of copyright).

Product development

Pin packages - Gregor Pestsov

In this clamping technology project a compact pneumatically driven pin drawing cylinder was developed, which includes an internal anti-rotation device and toggle locking in the end position.

EMC-Load-carrying device - Gregor Pestsov

Electric monorail conveyor ( EMS ) is a rail-bound conveyor with individually electrically driven vehicles. This specific vehicle was developed for a large car manufacturer and consists of an electric drive and load handling device for a plate with mounted car motor. The plate with motor is conveyed to the wedding, where the motor is removed. Later the plate is put down, for which there is a second electric drive. This results in a mobile welding assembly of steel pipes with 2 electric drives.

Solar Power Bank - Gregor Pestsov

A charger with a lithium accumulator and a solar cell was developed. As developed for consumer goods, plastic housing and rotating rubber cable with many smooth transitions between surfaces. Due to high competition the project had no further development.

DE1 Decent Espresso coffee machine parts - Gregor Pestsov

For a startup in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA many sheet metal and plastic parts were developed. Currently in small series production.

Pneumatic grippers - Gregor Pestsov

For automation applications pneumatic grippers are used as end effectors. Here a cam clamp gripper was designed for large automobile manufacturers in the hot forming sector. Among the requirements was a recognition of the quantity of gripped parts. The crucial point was in the area of double sheet detection. Since the gripper grips red-hot sheet metal parts, it is not easy to implement a process-safe detection. The grippers are still being further developed but are already installed in several systems.

Separator - Gregor Pestsov

Ejector - Gregor Pestsov

Snowmobile rear suspension - Ilya U.

Off-road truck prototype - Ilya U.

was developed: Layout, chassis, transmission, pendulum suspension, hydraulic swivel device, pumping system. Support of suppliers during the production phase for laser cutting, plastic casting, drive shafts, hydraulics, painting. After the field test passenger rear cabin, crawlers, drill rig suspension and trailer were redesigned

"T1" Rallye car - Ilya U.

"T3" Rallye car - Ilya U.

Tools and devices

Injection mould for a rubber buffer - Gregor Pestsov

An injection mould for series production of rubber-metal buffers was developed here. The rubber-metal buffer is used for very high loads. In injection moulding, the vulcanisation of rubber takes place under pressures above 100 bar and temperatures >130°. One important thing in mould making is the bevels, so that the parts can be removed and produced in a process-safe way.

Gripper End of Line Test Device - Gregor Pestsov

Mounting device for metal-rubber assembly - Gregor Pestsov

3D printed coaster for coffee grinder - Gregor Pestsov

Application Engineering

Adaptation of the clamp to customer-specific flange sheet with rectangular holes - Gregor Pestsov

Extension of the piston rod for external laser detection - Gregor Pestsov

Two applications of this kind have been developed. Clamps must be sensed in closed and open position. Normally inductive sensors are used in these cases. However, this may not always be suitable, for example in medical applications. Therefore the piston rod was extended for external sensing. For this purpose a thread-locked rod, modification to the housing and an additional seal were developed.

Adaptation of a shell and tube heat exchanger to another heat transfer - Gregor Pestsov

Technical documentation

Gripper (end effector) - Gregor Pestsov

Vehicle with hidden armour - Gregor Pestsov

Pressure vessels - Gregor Pestsov

Reverse Engineering

Exhaust system of a 2-stroke engine - Gregor Pestsov


"T3" Rallye car - Ilya U.

Decent Espresso coffee grinder - Gregor Pestsov

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